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Below you will find some of the many stories we have collected from those we have served.


Toney Moody - Veteran Housing & Services

"I’m not the common person that people think would fall on those hard times and I would just say that it could happen to anyone.”

Click here to read Toney Moody's full testimonial

John P

John P - Webster House Emergency Shelter

"When you're homeless you really don't feel like a citizen and it takes a while to get back into society."

Click here to read John P's full testimonial

Victor Cook - Hillcrest House

"I remember when I didn't have a home, how the world looked. Everything looked dark, with no hope. You know, I got hope today. I've got some stability today. I've got some responsibility today. And all because of that word - home."

Click here to read Victor Cook's full testimonial

Barbara Gardener - Homeownership

The final piece of the puzzle fell into place when Barbara purchased one of the six new homes Hudson River Housing had built for first-time homebuyers just around the corner from her rental. "Here it's quiet, peaceful, it's my own. Now I have my beautiful house, three kids, a husband, and it's just right - I love it."

Click here to read Barbara Gardener's full testimonial

John Carrecia - Senior Housing

"I really didn't have anything at the time, and the check I would have received wouldn't be enough to live on, not with rent and food. I told them my brothers and sisters were in Dutchess County, so a professional case manager said, ok, let's get you in touch with Hudson River Housing."

Click here to read John Carrecia's full testimonial

Lawrence Cooper

Lawrence Cooper - Veteran Housing & Services

"Hudson River Housing has provided me with shelter, given me job leads, they're giving me opportunities."

Click here to read Lawrence Cooper's full testimonial


"Michael" - River Haven Youth Programs

"River Haven gives you help until you can be on your own." With the stability the program offers, Michael (a pseudonym) is trying to put the pieces of his life back together. One big piece is looking for work so he can support himself and go back to school at Dutchess Community College.

Click here to read Michael's full testimonial

Chris Canale Photo

Chris Canale - Webster House Emergency Shelter

“Every night at the homeless shelter, guests bring stories of homelessness.  I tell them, “I know what you are going through, I feel your pain, because I have been where you are.”  I want them to know that there is life after homelessness. You can go on and make a better life than the one you had.”

Click here to read Chris Canale's full testimonial

Parker Photo

Rhonda Phillips - Rental Housing

"It's a thin line between having a job and being homeless. Whatever walk of life you may come from, you never know. You could be jobless like that," she says, snapping her fingers.

Click here to read Rhonda''s full testimonial
Antonio Photo

Faustino Antonio - Homeownership

"La experiencia con los empleados de Hudson River Housing ha sido muy bien. Se preocupan por ayudar a la gente a realizar sus sueños. Aprendimos de no darse por vencidos porque si uno quiere puede lograr todo. Nosotros hemos realizado el sueño Americano de tener su propio hogar."

Click here to read Antonio's full testimonial

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